Established in 1978, Independent Truck Company is a skateboard truck manufacturer based in Santa Cruz, California. The Independent skateboard truck, also known as an “Indy,” was created due to the lack of quality trucks on the market. They are light and long-lasting, with a glossy and transparent coated finish. Independent skateboard bearings are known for putting other brands to shame with their incredible speed. Made of stainless steel and removable shields, their bearings are available in sets of eight. To keep your skateboard trucks in top shape, make sure you have Independent hardware close by! Replacement pivot cups and Independent bushings are great for cushioning your truck and preventing it from wearing down too quickly. If you need to make some adjustments on your skateboard, Independent skateboard tools are all you need. They have complete kits, packed with wrenches, drivers, nuts, and more! Skateboard trucks loosen from decks often, so stock up on Independent kingpins and nuts to tighten everything back up! For added stability while you skateboard, Independent grip tape is guaranteed to keep you from slipping. If you are ready to take your boarding to the next level, then try out Independent skateboard wax. This wax can be applied to railings and curbs, giving you control while trying out new tricks!

No skateboarding session is complete without some Independent apparel! Independent skateboard jackets will keep you warm and comfortable when you’re shredding fast on cold, windy days. If you wear zip up hoodies, then you will love Independent sweatshirts. Made of heavyweight fleece, they feature the Independent logo prominently on the back. Independent skateboard t-shirts come in tank and short sleeve styles, and are great for casual wear. If you need a classic button-down for going out, Independent long sleeve shirts are the perfect choice. Finish off your Independent look by wearing Independent socks and caps. Their brand labeled crew socks come in fun patterns like camo and checkerboard. Independent beanies are tightly knitted, keeping your head warm while you board. Or, if you’re just not that into beanies, Independent hats are sure to give you style! Skateboarding would not be complete without some Independent inspired accessories. Keep your keys organized on an Independent keychain. Store your money in an Indepentdent wallet! Give your boarding a lift using Independent rider pads. They increase the height of your board and absorb shock as you ride. Add some extra flare to your board with Independent skateboard stickers. They come in a variety of styles to stick onto your truck and deck. Also, check out the fun Independent novelties they make such as sunglasses, umbrellas, and air fresheners! If you need it, Independent has got you covered!

When it comes to skateboarding, Independent has everything you need from trucks to clothing. Show your brand loyalty and choose Independent – you will not be disappointed!