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ACE Trucks | Re-Threader Dies

What are these? These hardened steel dies (nuts) drop into any skate tool or wrench for that matter and allow you to "chase" (re-thread) your damaged axle ends or kingpins. The carabiner is a handy way ...

ACE Trucks | Skate Wax

This little fella comes in at 3" long, by 1.5" high and 3/4" thick, EDC wax to coin a phrase. Ace Rings logo works perfectly with its' recesses to laydown wax evenly on the edge you ...
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Independent | Genuine Spare Parts Kit

super handy and durable spare parts travel kit contains high-quality Independent components 2 Independent GP-S bearings 1 set of 7/8” black bolts and nuts 1 set of assorted 7/8” silver, gold, red bolts and nuts 2 ...
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Independent | Rubber Shock Pad (Soft)

The Independent Shock pad  helps to increase the distance between the deck and the wheels, to absorbs shocks and vibrations, therefore minimizing the risk of nasty wheelbites. The set contains two rubber riser pads.