On June 20, 2011, a press release announced the distribution of the Venture skateboard truck brand by Deluxe, following a transition from the now-defunct Streetcorner Distribution company. Venture trucks are manufactured in the United States and sponsors a team of professional skateboarders. In November 2012, Plan B rider Felipe Gustavo was added to the Venture team and the company produced a truck dedicated to Gustavo’s father, a longtime supporter of his son’s skateboarding. Blind Skateboards’ professional skateboarder, Kevin Romar, released a signature model truck, entitled the “Cypress V-Light”, in January 2013 and an accompanying promotional video was also published, in which Romar performs a series of switch-stance (opposite to his natural stance on a skateboard) tricks.

As of fall/autumn 2013, sponsored riders include Jack Curtin, Stefan Janoski, Gino Ianucci, Torey Pudwill, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy, Rodrigo Teixera (“TX”), Morgan Smith, Felipe Gustavo, Keelan Dadd, Kevin Romar, Sewa Kroetkov, Michael Bowen, and Paul Rodriguez.