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Nixon | Regulus Stainless Steel Watch 46mm (Gunmetal)

An all-metal version of our go-anywhere Regulus, the Regulus SS adds a streetwear streak to the burly, utilitarian design. Featuring a multitude of mission-ready features like a shock-proof brain, dual countdown timers, and stealth mode, the ...
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Nixon | Regulus Watch 46mm (All Black)

Developed in conjunction with US Special Forces, the Regulus is hands down the toughest timepiece we’ve ever made. It’s shock-proof, ultra water-resistant, has a five-year battery, and is equipped with features like dual timers, silent mode, ...

Nixon | Siren Milanese Watch 36mm (All Gold)

Don't leave your style at the shoreline. The Siren fuses eye-catching design with an up-for-anything attitude. Basic tide functionality lets you know when to hit the beach, sport-ready water resistance means it’s not scared to get ...