In 2008, Paul Rodriguez, Heath Brinkley, Andy Netkin, Jay Partow, and Jubal Jones founded “Primitive”, a skateboard and clothing store in Encino, CA.Paul Rodriguez had been sponsored by Plan B Skateboards, but quit the team out of a desire to have more ownership and control over his career. After Paul’s departure from Plan B, he printed and sold a limited run of 500 gold-foil Primitive decks, and due to the strong response, decided to launch an ongoing skateboard company, with the help of Andy and Jubal.

Ten months after Paul Rodriguez’s departure from Plan B, Primitive was officially announced on April 10, 2014. The original team was Paul Rodriguez as a pro, with Carlos Ribeiro and Nick Tucker as amateurs.

Primitive has featured a number of “collaboration” decks and griptape that featured rappers like Tupac Shakur, and Notorious B.I.G.

In 2018, Primitive released collaborations with Dragon Ball Z and Rick and Morty.